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I acquired and finished my army commander on Friday (well, I finished at 2am so maybe Saturday). This took about eight hours. I'm used to being done with entire units in that amount of time. However, I figured I should take my time with the figure since it's one of my favorite Space Marine miniatures that GW has produced in the current figure generation.

This first picture was after filing off the word "Kantor" from the banner pole, full assembly (with brass rod pinning), priming, and a quick Sepia ink wash.

I thought I'd take pictures as I got done with each major iteration but I just kept painting and the next thing I knew I was done.

The glare is because these pictures were taken before I applied a layer of Testor's Dullcote.

So, I present Captain Dirae, Master of the Fleet, and Commander of the Third Battle Company of the Imperial Fists (Templated as Pedro Kantor).

ps - The title of the post is a Napoleon Dynamite reference, not a request to vote for this paintjob on any kind of forum or website. Just wanted to make that clear.

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