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Well I guess I'm done fiddling with these figs. I present, the 3rd Company Commander, Command Squad, and former 3rd Company Commander (currently 10th Company Commander).

Captain Dirae
Master of the Fleet, Commander of the 3rd (Battle) Company
(Template: Pedro Kantor)

This figure was recently acquired and is one of my favorite of the current batch of figs.

Veteran-Sergeant Vermaas (aka "Top")
Company First Sergeant and Champion

This one I just finished converting and painting. I had a lot of fun with this fig. He's quickly becoming a favorite.

Veteran-Sergeant Volkmann
Company Colour Sergeant

What can I say, one of the oldest figs I own and one of the first Space Marines I ever painted.

Brother Wagner
Company Apothecary

See note for Color Sergeant Volkmann.

Sergeants Juron & Stossen
Company 2nd and 3rd Sergeants (respectively)

I painted these up recently. They were just extra assault marines I had in a box. For those that may not know, during the Civil War (and earlier I imagine) Companies had multiple sergeants. The higher the number generally corresponding with how much further back in the march column the sergeant marched. The most senior was the First Sergeant which is a rank we still retain (E-8 grade same as, but above, Master Sergeant). My great great grandfather was a 3rd Sergeant, Company A, 8th Missouri, CSA. According some research done on the Codex Astartes, a company has 5 "floating" Sergeants not assigned to a squad that perform various necessary Company duties. I just recycled the rank "title" usage from history because, amazingly enough, there used to be 5 floating line sergeants in Companies.

Captain Wolfe
Master of Recruits, Commander of the 10th (Scout) Company

This figure is the oldest Space Marine miniature I ever painted and one of the first figures I ever attempted to do a conversion.

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