Rhino Rescue

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So this project may only be significant to a handful of folks. As stated earlier in my blog, I inherited my Space Marines from the previous owner who fielded Black Templars. One of his regular opponents in those days was an Eldar player. These were in the glory days of the Vehicle Design Rules and a Rhino had been converted into a "Anti-Eldar Fire Tank" - this was accomplished by gluing flame throwers, fuel cells, armor plates, heavy bolters, and random bits of plastic (like bases cut in half to make the top and bottom of the side flamer sponsons). Ironically these days the old "Anti-Eldar Fire Tank" stat card looks amazingly like the ones of the Land Raider Redeemer; so his idea was a solid one.

Well... I'm cheap. I had an unopened blister of Rhino Mark I armor plates, and under all that super glue, hot glue, and random bits of plastic and metal was the core of a Rhino Mark I chassis. Plus... I needed a Rhino with extra armor dadgummit! So, armed with sandpaper, files, cutters, an XActo knife, and a pair of pliers... I "deconverted" the Fire Tank. Also, as any old Rhino Mark I owner knows, the right angle "elbow" shaped exhaust tips always break off so I had to make new ones from a styrene tube.

If you can't tell that anything was ever out of the ordinary with this Rhino... then I've accomplished my mission.

The original reinforced ram was just too far gone, and the top bolter pair was missing, so I scavenged two parts from an old Leman Russ kit leftover from my first IG days.

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    Dig it!

    Yup looks good. Can't really see any of the wear marks from the deconstruction unless you look REALLY close and specifically for that stuff. Most new players won't realize it though since most don't remember the old MK 1 Rhinos ;)

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