More Restoration Jobs

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Well, I dug some things out of my latest box of goodies and got to work on them.

The first is the easiest restoration job. In fact, it's ready to paint again. The Razorback. All I have to decide is if I want to airbrush it or just paint the yellow by hand. There's white primer over the yellow because 1) The tracks weren't even and the headlights were not aligned. So... it had a meeting with a pair of pliers.

Next is the first Predator. Previously a Predator Baal pattern... taking a bath. After only soaking for 1 hour in the Simple Green liquid (Concentrate) the paint is starting to loosen up (I touched one of the circular hatch covers and red paint came off on my finger... can you tell which?

Last was the second Predator. All the metal bits were sitting loose in a ziplock bag. I picked one of the other Rhinos in the box and sent it to meet with Mr. Pliers.

We'll see how this goes in the days to come.

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