Imperial Fists on Black Library

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Even though it is; once again, Imperial Fists as plot device* - it's fiction that involves the Imperial Fists. GO AND READ IT!

* Think about it. Usually when Imperial Fists show up in a story, it's to either provide the shining example of Space Marine this-or-that, kill off something, provide a plot hook, or die gloriously to show that the threat is legit. Sometimes all of the above.

Are you an author of 40K fiction that's written yourself into a corner? Send in the Imperial Fists! They'll clean it up. No problem.

Ultimately this isn't a bad thing ... fans of the Imperial Fists have always known that they were the best chapter ... it's just bad for ever getting a good novel about them written.

2 chapters of Hammer and Bolter Issue 1 are up as free downloads: Black Library Ebooks

The first couple paragraphs alone, describing Phalanx, are worth the time it takes to install an ebook reader and download the file.