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The Battle Company

So I ponder the new Codex Space Marines (for the 5th Edition) and realize that it's going to take a bit of creative juggling to get what I can take on the battlefield to jive with the fluff. These posts are also provided for folks new to Warhammer 40k and Space Marines who might be interested in the old fluff.

A Codex Space Marine Company TO&E

Command Squad (*) (Falls outside the mandated "100 Marines" per Company)
  • Captain
  • Color Sergeant (bears the Company Standard)
  • Chaplain
  • Apothecary

    The Company (each Squad is 1 Sergeant + 9 Battle Brothers)
  • Tactical Squad (**) x6
  • Assault Squad (**) x2
  • Devastator Squad (**) x2

    Company Assets
  • Land Speeders (for use by the Assault Squads)
  • Bikes (for use by the Assault Squads)
  • Dreadnoughts (not a "living" marine; doesn't count towards the "100 marine" cap)
  • Rhinos (for use by the company, includes Razorback variants)

    EDIT 1/2/2010: After reading this thread: I've deleted the original text that followed this line and will instead add the following:

    Company Command Squad (expanded)
  • 5 Veteran Sergeants

    Company Assets (expanded)
  • Dreadnoughts (x4, of both Regular and Ironclad types)
  • Rhinos (x15, 2-3 Razorbacks are included in that number)
  • Land Speeders (x5 each of Regular, Tornado, & Typhoon configurations)
  • Bikes (x25)
  • Attack Bikes (x5)

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      There is a good post in the Librarium on the Bolter and Chainsword forum that dismisses the 1000 marine myth. I would not worry about a few extra marines. Likely your company would have far more than 100 marines for all of the auxiliary roles.

      Thanks Drathmere, lots of good stuff on that thread! Linked below for folks that may follow along after:

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