HTUD 40K Doubles Tournament Backstory

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Well, today was a very, very fun day. We came in second place. In overall points we were tied for first place, but after tiebreakers we came in behind the excellent armies of Nick (Salamanders Space Marines) and Michael (Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar) who were outstanding players from which I learned a great deal. All of our most excellent opponents were a joy to play against.

Over the next couple of days I'll be posting pictures and whatnot, but here's the fluff from our Army List - armies that explained why they were fighting together could get more tournament points. This tournament was separated by only 3 points amongst the first 4 places (1st & 2nd tied, 3rd 1 point behind, 4th 2 more behind) so it was the little things that made the difference.

The Eye of Terror draws conflict like a moth to flame. Near that particular astral phenomenon, many chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are engaged in a never ending battle against the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. Two of them are nearly as ancient as the Imperium of Man; the Imperial Fists and the Salamanders. The Imperial Fists; though once honored with a Chapter Monastery on Holy Terra (now lost and never rebuilt), are fleet based. The Fists strike from their ancient moving fortress monastery Phalanx. Prometheus is both a moon and fortress-monastery that orbits the fiery Salamander home world of Nocturne. From Prometheus sally forth the fighting Sons of Vulkan.

Both of these ancient and distinguished brotherhoods trace their roots to the first 20 Chapters ever formed; a time recorded in the ancient texts as the “First Founding.” Though never close friends, they were also never bitter enemies. However, as with most groups in the chaos of the 41st Millenium they have crossed paths and swords occasionally when pursuing different goals. This army list is drawn from an era when they were allies; fighting side-by-side.

Because the Imperial Fists have no particular home world, they recruit from any nearby world when their numbers need replenishment. Rogal Dorn, their Primarch and first of their lineage once said “I want recruits, not vassals!” Thus, from time-to-time the Strike Cruiser Capulus sets out with the Chapter’s Master of Recruits (and Commander of the 10th Scout Company) and other seasoned troops to seek fresh blood for the ranks of the Sons of Dorn. During just such a mission, a transmission was intercepted from an Imperial world calling for help and deliverance from dire foes. The Salamander’s Fifth Company; having just incorporated a new Force Organizational structure slightly different from the Codex Astartes was conducting training operations in a nearby system. They too received the distress signal.

Thus were the circumstances that caused two Strike Cruisers to find themselves in orbit around a single world in need of help. Neither company was fully prepared for solo operations. The commanders therefore agreed to fight together. After astropathically signaling home their actions, both of their Chapter Masters endorsed the operation. In the annals of both chapters, this strike force is known as “The Fist of the Forge.”

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