First Land Raider

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So, in the box full of Black Templar goodness that I got from my friend, there was a Land Raider Crusader (the original one with metal bits for the hurricane bolters, etc.). The assault cannons no longer turned, many parts had broken off, and the paint job was fairly basic (it worked fine as a Black Templar piece after all... black primer and drybrush your way to victory). Back when I airbrushed everything yellow, I had airbrushed it as well.

So with a little brass rod (for pinning the broken bits), lots of glue, some paint, new decals, and 8 hours later... we have my first Land Raider that I have ever painted.

Note the spotlight over the left sponson. I had to do this because the original little camera bit had broken off at some point in the intervening years and was totally gone.

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