Tournament on the 23rd

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I must be crazy. I've only played 2 games in the new edition of the rules, and both of those as Orks and now I'm going to take Space Marines into a tournament that's about 2 weeks away.

(Details for the HTUD Warhammer 40K Doubles Team Tournament.)

So now I'm frantically painting/modelling to try and get my Imperial Fists ready for a tourney. Hopefully I can get some games with my local buds before then to get some practice/refinement of my list.

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    Who is your team mate and what are they bringing?

    Barring something unforseen - Pat Haughton (dunno if you know him?) and he's bringing Salamanders.

    Yup I do know him... didn't realize he did the 40K thing. I knew him as the CAV guy ;) Been talking to him lately too.

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