Mixed Bag of Goodies

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So I recently got another box full of free Space Marine goodies. My buddy that's working on his Salamanders was given a box of loot by a friend of a friend. Apparently somebody moved to Austin and left behind a huge Space Marine army which are being reforged into Salamanders even as I type this.

In this smaller box that went to the Imperial Fists was a Razorback, enough bits for a Predator (possibly 2), a couple more Rhinos ... all old (Mark I style) ... a few more jump packs (bringing me now to a full unit of 10), 3 scout snipers, and the Novel "Sons of Dorn."

Additionally, another buddy that's doing Ultramarines gave me back a "loan" I had sent his way ... another Land Raider Crusader (the old one, with the metal hurricane bolters). So I'll be building this one as a "standard" Land Raider at some point bringing me to two Land Raiders. I bought this Land Raider Crusader so long ago that basically I'm chalking it up to a free model... heh heh.

So I'll be working on restoring the Predator(s) and the Razorback. My plan is to magnetize them and eventually the Land Raider as well. If I can pull it off I should have the modularity necessary to give me some tactical freedom when designing army lists. I may also be tweaking my "Supremacy Force" 3rd company TO&E depending on what I read/learn in Sons of Dorn.

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