Supremacy Force "Kriegwolf"

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This is basically my explanation for my force and how I have what I have. I imagine as I get newer and coolers toys I'll update the "Attached Units" area. I took the name "Supremacy Force" from an old Imperial Fists box set deal.


The current chapter master; Vladimir Pugh, established Supremacy Force "Kriegwolf" in response to a call for aid from the Lord of Ahriman Hive on Thical (Drusus Marches, Calixis Sector, Segmentum Obscurus).

At the time an uprising of Daemonic activity was overwhelming the native Planetary Defense force. Desperate for help, a native-born witch burned out her mind with the strain of sending out a wild plea for aid. Among the first chapters to respond were the Imperial Fists; who were at the time involved in operations in and around the Eye of Terror.

Unsure of the level of danger (and heavily engaged in fighting elsewhere) Pugh could spare only a single company of Marines; but did have the ability to heavily reinforce them. Since Epistolary Brother Arcas was the Librarian that received the call for aid, he requested (and was granted) permission to investigate a system. A system with enough latent psychic talent to produce an astropathic witch of such power deserved closer scrutiny. Additionally, its proximity to the Eye of Terror and the Daemonic uprising were too suspicious to be coincidences. Since Brother Arcas was most familiar with; and had previously fought alongside, Captain Dirae's Third Company - they were sent.

After seeing to the events on Thical, "Kriegwolf" was left intact to serve as the Chapter's "Firefighting Company" - sent on missions where a heavily reinforced group might be needed. Generally "Kriegwolf" either puts down minor foes or establishes a beachhead for larger Chapter wide operations.


Chapter Fleet Contingent

  • Strike Cruiser Justitia Fides
  • Gladius Frigate Squadron* Primaris Velites (Ships: Retiarius, Secutor, Thraex, and Hoplomachus)

    Command Squad

  • Captain Dirae**
  • Chaplain Zelus
  • Color Sergeant Volkmann
  • Apothecary Wagner
  • 1st Sergeant Vermaas
  • 2nd Sergeant Juron
  • 3rd Sergeant Stossen
  • 4th Sergeant Rork
  • 5th Sergeant Stockman

    Company Squads

  • Tactical Squad Lycus (I)
  • Tactical Squad Otreus (II)
  • Tactical Squad Bazdeyev (III)
  • Tactical Squad Gydic (IV)
  • Tactical Squad Kintur (V)
  • Tactical Squad Nautio (VI)
  • Assault Squad Teuthras (I)
  • Assault Squad Krataev (II)
  • Devastator Squad Benvolio (I)
  • Devastator Squad Schrutan (II)


  • Brother Alaric
  • Brother Dane
  • Brother Helstrom (Ironclad)
  • Brother von Reuter (Ironclad)

    Company Motor Pool

  • Rhino MKI (x5)
  • Rhino MKII (x7)
  • Razorback MKI Stronos
  • Razorback MKII (x2)
  • Bike, Normal (x25)
  • Bike, Attack (x5)
  • Land Speeder, Normal (x5)
  • Land Speeder, Tornado (x5)
  • Land Speeder, Typhoon (x5)

    Attached Units

  • Brother Arcas (Librarius) Epistolary Librarian
  • Whirlwind "Rotsturm" (Armory)
  • Predator Annihilator "Doppeltesäbel" (Armory)
  • Predator Destructor "Cinquedea" (Armory)
  • Landraider Crusader "Leipzig" (Armory)
  • Landraider Redeemer "Viterbo" (Armory)
  • Landraider "Oberpfalz" (Veteran 1st Company)
  • Brother Lo Chang (Veteran 1st Company) Chaplain**
  • Sergeant Targal (Veteran 1st Company) Terminator Assault Squad
  • Brother Hyplion (Veteran 1st Company) Venerable Dreadnought
  • Sergeant Feron (Scout 10th Company) Scouts
  • Bike/Tactical Reserve Squad Edimon (Reserve 6th Company)
  • Land Speeder/Tactical Reserve Squad Tortensen (Reserve 7th Company)

    * One or two frigates are generally travelling back and forth to Phalanx to bring supplies and/or reinforcements at all times.

    ** As Captain Dirae and Chaplain Lo Chang have other duties within the Chapter (Master of the Fleet and Master of Sanctity respectively) - should their expertise be needed elsewhere a frigate acts as a transport.

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