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Slate of Organization and Equipment

This page draws heavily from the work done in the famous Bolter and Chainsword article "The 1000 Marine Myth". I have made changes to it that suit my own tastes, but I must give original credit where credit is due.

My changes mainly have to do with trying to reduce the number closer to 1000; at least as close as (to my mind) reasonable. While I accept the original author's premise (there are more than 1000 in a chapter), I think he did not adequately take the concept of a "secondary specialty" (Secondary MOS) into account. Even today, highly skilled and trained soldiers sometimes have multiple things for which they are responsible... thus it should be with the Adeptus Astartes.

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Chapter MasterVladimir PughTemplate Marneus Calgar
Aquilifer Sergeant?Honor Guard with Chapter Banner
Master of SanctityLo ChangChaplain, Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter
Reclusiarch, Phalanx?Template Chaplain Cassius
Responsible for the primary Reclusiam on Phalanx.
Reclusiarch, Terra?Responsible for the Imperial Fist relics on Terra (Pillar of Bone, Column of Glory) and recruits.
Assistant to the Phalanx Reclusiarch and Master of Sanctity when not needed to perform duties for the 9th Reserve Company.
Chief LibrarianFranz GrensteinTemplate Chief Librarian Tigurius
EpistolaryLibrarian w/Epistolary Upgrade
Kurt Kempla ? ? ?
CodicierLibrarian (basic)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
LexicanumMaintain the records of the chapter; in battle are part of Phalanx own defense network.
One for each company plus 2-3 for overall records
AcolyteRecruits that have shown some psyker potential
The number fluctuates as recruits join the Librarium, are recruited, die, or are terminated (to prevent them falling to the Ruinous Powers). Usually it is around half a dozen or so.
Chief Apothecary?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?


Adeptus Mechanicus
Master of the Forge?
Techmarine Suprema
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?