Baal Post Scrubbing

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This is after soaking overnight (8-ish hours) and a meeting with and old toothbrush. I used 2 toothbrushes, the first was a cheap dollar store toothbrush that just broke. The other was an old flexible head brush that was a bit more durable - it didn't break.

As you can see... a good primer is very important. I was able to strip off most of the acrylic paint, but the underlying primer on the plastic endured through round one.

Metal parts like the turret came away fairly clean. Some spots of the tank had been superglued after the initial paint went down. You can see on the far fender, a red spot. This is there because the paint was covered by a layer of superglue. I'll have to scrub that area with the flat of an X-Acto knife to get it down. Also, whatever black paint was used is really tough.

Now if my goal was to "strip it down to the plastic" I'd probably soak again and scrub again (rinse and repeat) until I was happy with the result. However, my goal was just to remove the caked on acrylic paint so that I could reprimer and reapply a basecoat using an airbrush. For MY needs, I'm done. I dropped the other Rhino chassis into the Simple Green and moved on.

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