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So I figured I'd come up with some Masters of the Chapter. I did a review of many name lists off Bolter and Chainsword and other sources (Like White Dwarf magazines) so "official fluff" was heavily considered before making my own list. This is my vision of the Imperial Fists Chapter; I make no claims of "officiality" other than to say "I considered official fluff while I was drafting it." These names are, as near as I can tell, characters that are either known to be alive or I never ran across a note that indicated their fate one way or another.

The Templates listed for many of them are to give me the flexibility to field whatever set of rules I need for a particular battle (following the suggestion in the new Codex). I named all my Masters in the event I play an Apocalypse Game where it matters. If I do field a Masters of the Chapter unit I'll probably drop the Templates and WYSIWYG the Commander wargear options as best I can. However, at least with this list I know the names of who is where/what and that's somewhat important to my personal enjoyment of the fluff side of the game.

Masters of the Chapter

  • Chapter Master - Vladimir Pugh (Template: Marneus Calgar)
  • First (Veteran) Company - Captain Lysander (Template: As named) Master of the Watch, Chapter Regent
  • Second (Battle) Company - Captain Actaon (Template: Cato Sicarius) Master of the Rites
  • Third (Battle) Company - Captain Dirae (Template: Pedro Kantor) Master of the Fleet
  • Fourth (Battle) Company - Captain Glavius (Template: Vulkan He'Stan) Master of the Arsenal
  • Fifth (Battle) Company - Captain Firmus (Template: Kayvaan Shrike) Master of the Marches
  • Sixth (Reserve) Company - Captain Thidrek
  • Seventh (Reserve) Company - Captain Caelius Chief Victualler
  • Eighth (Reserve) Company - Captain Capaneus (Template: Kor'Sarro Khan)
  • Ninth (Reserve) Company - Captain Elsung
  • Tenth (Scout) Company - Captain Wolfe Master of Recruits

    Duties of the Masters in the Imperial Fists

  • Chapter Regent - Successor to the Chapter Master, responsible for the Chapter in the event of the Chapter Master's absence.
  • Master of the Watch - Responsible for Overseeing the Armoury; ensuring the regular and timely delivery of warfighting materials and ammunition wherever and whenever. Also responsible for the defenses of Phalanx (the legendary Imperial Fist Fortress-Monastery).
  • Master of the Arsenal - Responsible for the issuing (and accounting) of equipment, armor, weapons, etc. to individual members of the Chapter.
  • Master of the Fleet - Responsible for ensuring the proper working order of all flying assets of the Chapter, including Phalanx (and also Strike Cruisers, Drop Pods, Thunderhawks, etc.). Oversees orbital bombardment on campaigns and during Fleet Actions, is primarily responsible for command (unless the Chapter Master steps in).
  • Master of Recruits - Responsible for recruitment, following through with recruitment recommendations, and overseeing anything involving Gene-seed (implantation, tithe, storage, etc.). The Master of Recruits works with the Chapter's Chaplains to maintain a recruitment "office" near the pilgrimage site of the Column of Glory on old Terra. The Column is all that remains of the old Fortress-Chapel of the Imperial Fists (It was destroyed by the Iron Warriors during the siege of the Palace during the Horus Heresy - permission was never granted to rebuild which is why Phalanx has been the home of the Chapter ever since). It is from the Chaplain pilgrimages to the Column of Glory and the efforts of this office that yield any and all Terran recruits.
  • Master of the Rites - "Master of Ceremonies" and leads the Chapter in special events, rites, or rituals; responsible for the day-to-day training of the Chapter.
  • Master of the Marches - Responsible for all Fortress-Chapels on worlds where the Imperial Fists have been allowed to stay (primarily Necromunda and Inwit). The Master of the Marches also processes and acts on any requests for aid and assistance from these worlds. Though the Imperial Fists maintain no colonies; worlds that have granted the Imperial Fists Fortress-Chapels are regarded as "Primus Inter Pares" (first among equals) when it comes to requesting aid.
  • Chief Victualler - The counterpart to the Master of the Watch, the Chief Victualler is responsible for all the other types of supplies that the Chapter might need to function (food, drink, etc.).
  • Master of Sanctity - The head of the Chaplains and the spiritual leader of the Chapter ensuring purity from taint. Works very closely with the Master or Rites for anything relating to spiritual matters. Traditionally this is the Chaplain of the First Company.

    Other named characters

    While researching how I'd handle my Company Commanders/Masters of the Chapter I ran into other useful names. I'm including them here so I don't lose my notes.

    Chapter Librarius

  • Chief Librarian Kempla (Template: Varro Tigurius)
  • Epistolary Steinmuller (Often found with the First Company)
  • Epistolary Arcas (Often found with the Third Battle Company)


  • Chaplain of the First Company - Lo Chang, Master of Sanctity
  • Chaplain of the Second Company - Shadryss (Template: Ortan Cassius)
  • Chaplain of the Third Company - Zelus
  • Chaplain of the Fourth Company - Remataan
  • Chaplain of the Fifth Company - Geistler

    Master of the Forge

  • Alberich

    Selected Sergeants

  • Terminator Sergeant Targal (First Company)
  • Sergeant Teuthras (Third Company)
  • Sergeant Lycus (Third Company)
  • Sergeant Otreus (Third Company)

    Justifications and Explanations

    There was actually method to my madness. Notes provided below as well as the names I worked up for my "counts as" template wargear options.

    Vladimir Pugh

    I picked Marneus Calgar for the Template because the fluff describes Pugh as being a thoughtful and deliberative Chapter Master. I figured "God of War" would be as good a special rule for this as any. Also, it seemed appropriate that the Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists have a pair of Power Fists... more so than the Ultras anyway. I dub them the "Manibus Imperati" (Emperor's Hands). The armor with a Teleport Homer I dub "Lorica Caelum" (Sky Armor) named in honor of the Sky Fortress lost when the 7th Legion (the Imperial Fists) broke through the Siege lines surrounding the Palace back in the time of the Horus Heresy. The Teleport Homer itself is deeply etched to look a bit like the Imperial Palace; and the armor is said to contain a few shards of metal recovered from the wreckage of the Sky Fortress.

    Captain Lysander

    Really I don't need to say much about this guy. His career is well documented in other GW fluff and now the latest Codex. I list him as Chapter Regent as well as Master of the Watch. The title of Master of the Watch was one he had during his time as commander of the 2nd Company. However, everyone knows that Lysander is the next-in-line and to dub anyone else Regent would have been silly. The reason Lysander can take both mantles is because of Master Pugh's very hands-on approach to Chapter organization. As such, the duties of the Regent are nearly nonexistent because this particular Chapter Master does it all himself.

    Captain Actaon

    This name shows up in an old White Dwarf. In my fluff; when Captain Lysander was elevated to the First Company, the Commander of the Sixth Company (the traditional Master of the Rites) was moved to take his place. Captain Actaon; like all Masters of the Rites, is responsible for the day-to-day training of the Chapter. However, thanks to Chaplain Lo Chang's diligence as Master of Sanctity; he rarely is called upon to lead the actual religious rites. This has allowed him to command a Battle Company instead of a Reserve Company without sacrificing any of his duties. The Cato Sicarius template was now perfect; "Rites of Battle" and "Battle Forged Heroes" made the template the obvious choice for the guy responsible for the daily training of the Chapter.

    Regarding the wargear; the sword (in the German Junker's/Italian Nobility feel of some of the oldest Imperial Fists fluff) I dub "Balmung Fafnir Bane;" this is in honor of the weapon taken from the treasures of the Nibelungen by Sigfried and used to slay Fafnir the Dragon. The armor I dub the "Hamriofna Serkhildar" (it's 7 syllables, just like "Mantle of the Suzerain") which is an old poetic kenning for "Hammerwoven Battleshirt."

    Captain Dirae

    This name was taken from the old Imperial Fists Supremacy Force info in White Dwarf 224 (which just happened to be 3rd company). I picked Pedro Kantor as the template because my chosen company is the 3rd and ... well ... Pedro is a freaking awesome figure. It has all kinds of Fist iconography on it and I want to use him dadgummit! Now I know the Apocalypse Codex says the Master of the Fleet uses a Thunderhammer to represent the fury of the artillery bombardments that can be called forth or whatever, but since Pedro has a super-stormbolter I dub it "Leonidas, Fury of the Fleet" - named for the Leonids meteor storm that was visible on Holy Terra in its early history (I figure by the 41st millenium most of the comet debris has been cleaned up so I doubt the meteor showers are still around). It represents the sheer volume of fire that can be rained down upon the foes of the Imperial Fists.

    Captain Glavius

    Captain Glavius is another canon name, his name as commander of the 4th company appeared alongside another Imperial Fist captain in a White Dwarf but I don't know which. I like the name and since a Glaive is a polearm, I put him in as my Vulkan He'stan and Master of the Arsenal. Plus, the Fourth Company color is green so this seemed like another perfect fit. For his wargear I dub his weapon "The Spear of Longinus" - a relic that dates back to Holy Terra and Rome. The annals indicate that it was named after another old legendary Terran weapon that could pierce even the flesh of the Gods. Since the Marines regularly face the spawn of the Chaos Gods vomited forth from the immaterium it seems appropriate. His artificer armor has attached flamers on the gauntlets and the entire thing is known as "The Nibelung's Mantle" - a gift from Alberich, the Master of the Forge, to Glavius. It was Glavius that found and recruited Alberich into the Chapter.

    Captain Firmus

    Captain Harq Firmus is a name taken from some GW fluff from Epic 40K. His first command was of an Imperial Fist force on Rynn's World against the Orks; a defeat that taught him a great deal about the value of stealth and surprise. It seemed a logical tie in that the person that led the Imperial Fists against Orks on some far flung world would serve as the Master of the Marches. His Lightning Claws are known as "Vengeance" and "Retribution" and he takes a great deal of delight in slaying Orks.

    Captain Capaneus

    The name was in an old White Dwarf I believe, I used it for my commander of the Assault Reserve Company so I could have a place for Kor'Sarro Khan if I ever use him. I name his Bike "Bucephalus" and his sword "Solutio Gordium" (Gordian Solution) - both are references to Alexander the Great.

    Captains Thidrek, Wolfe, Caelius, and Elsung

    Names I just made up to fill in spots. When I first did Imperial Fists back in 3rd edition, my Captain was Wolfe so I just reused the name. It seemed appropriate since Captain Wolfe - in a way - got me involved with Space Marines in the first place. Caelius is the name of the person attributed to have written the oldest Roman cookbook. It seemed appropriate for the Chief Victualler. Thidrek and Elsung are names taken from the Nibelungenlied.

    The Librarius

    These were all names of Psykers taken from GW fluff. I just put them in some kind of semblance of ranking. Steinmuller used to be the "terminator librarian captain" so I figured my Terminator Librarian should logically be this guy. Arcas was listed as the name of the Epistolary of the Imperial Fist Supremacy Force booklet. In the unlikely event I use the Chief LIbrarian the Hood is the "Caracalla Romaniae" (Heavy Hooded Cloak of Rome) and the rod is the "Fasces Romaniae" (Bundle of Rome).


    Again, all names taken from GW sources; I've decided that Lo Chang will be in Terminator Armor hence First Company. Shadryss recruited Captain Lysander so it was logical that he be the Chaplain of Lysander's previous Company and the special rules reflect that he's so old! Zelus is supposedly from the Imperial Fists Supremacy Force booklet.

    Master of the Forge

    Alberich was the name of the Dwarf High Lord Treasurer of the Nibelung and seemed an appropriate name for the Master of the Nibel... I mean Forge.

    Selected Sergeants

    These are supposedly names from the Imperial Fist Supremacy Force booklet. The Terminator Sergeant is also taken from WD 224 which had an advertisement for the Supremacy Force.

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