Adventures in Modular Terrain

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I have a bunch of old brigade square bases from my 15mm Napoleonics. I decided to put them to use. These are 3mm plywood bases that I got from Litko Aerosystems. I have 3" squares (brigades), 3"x1.5" rectangles (cavalry and artillery), and 1.5" squares (officers, skirmishers). Since they're laser cut and share dimensions, they "go together" very well.

So I used some of my old Games Workshop Cathedral Ruins (from old 3rd Edition Box Sets), some red volcanic sand from my organic garden, four Grecian columns from a wedding cake set, a pair of cutters, some hot glue, black primer, gray paint, and some elbow grease to produce this:

Every place where the GW plastic terrain didn't fit on my bases, I'd chop it down with my cutters and make the edges random and like broken stone. The key was that they had to fit on my bases to keep the modular layout.

Another photo showing the modularity:

I've been really happy with all the different configurations I can do with this rig. I'll probably build a fountain or altar "Objective square" at some point soon.

I also made some pipe cleaner trees and mounted them to bases as well. Figures on the base are in cover, if they're not on the base they aren't. I can also remove trees that are in the way as needed or vary the forest configuration.

The one with a mushroom and rocks I made when I was doing 40k the first time around about 10 years ago.

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