Terminator Sgt. Von Bose

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I posted the flesh layers back on the 30th, this is the same Terminator Sgt. except now he's finished. After re-reading Ian Watson's Space Marine (even though Black Library is "distancing" itself from the fluff contained in it) it's clear that once upon a time, the Imperial Fists had a Germanic (Prussian Junkers subculture) vibe... much in the same way that the Ultramarines have a "Roman Legion" vibe.

   Lexandro shrugged. "How do you come by this wisdom about duels?"
   "Through observation and study, brother, rather than through ecstatic intuition. Imperial Fists are dedicated to the fastidious and meticulous detail, by the grace of Dorn - detail in military tactics and in personal conduct too. That is why we adopted - "
   "We?" sneered Lexandro.
   "-why we adopted the Junker model of behaviour."
   Lexandro did not know the word Junker.
   "Yes, the ancient Prussic code." Valence was only to happy to explain. "Named after Prusse, on old Earth. ...

found in Chapter 4 of Space Marine by Ian Watson

In that vein, I felt like painting my Terminator Sergeant with the heraldry of my wife's maternal family line from Saxony-Anhalt (which was part of Prussia at the time they emmigrated to New Braunfels, Texas). Karl is a very, very common male surname in the von Bose family thus the name of my Terminator Sergeant - Karl von Bose.

This model is also magnetised, below you can see the assault terminator arms that I also painted so that I can swap depending on my needs. This was about a 4 hour paintjob.

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