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I was experimenting with new painting techniques over the weekend. My first effort was painting a Marine without an airbrush.

You can see my newly acquired Games Workshop Crimson Fists Tactical Pack (Link here). I'm not thinking this will be the final paint scheme. It's derived from Les Bursley's from AwesomePaintJob except with Reaper Master Series paints instead of Citadel. The resin base is from dragonforge.com (the Urban Rubble Wasteland set).

I just finished it off rather than trying to clean it up too much. My next go around will try out a different inking wash over the white primer. On this one I used 3:1 yellow to brown liner. That was a little too strong.

However, the knee shows off my new tactical squad recognition heraldry. Each tactical squad will feature the heraldry of a german region/city state/etc. - a la Warhammer Fantasy "Empire" ... in honor of the Junkers/Germanic theme of the Imperial Fists (hinted at in Ian Watson's very old novel Space Marine). Here you see the 5th Company's First Tactical Squad Bayern.

Next up is the flesh of an Assault on Black Reach Terminator Sergeant. I'm rather happy with the way it came out. Though the picture doesn't show off all the layers, I'm going to type up my colors just so I have them for future reference.

0 - White Primer (Tamiya)
1 - (base coat) 50/50 Blood Red & Rosy Shadow watered 50/50 with "Slick Water" (10 parts distilled water to 1 part blending medium)
2 - (glaze) Rosy Shadow 50/50 paint:slick water
3 - (first highlight) Rosy Skin 50/50 paint:slick water
4 - (second highlight) Rosy Highlight 50/50 paint:slick water
5 - (fine highlight) Fair Skin 50/50 paint:slick water

And my Terminator Chaplain from before (with technical pen scripts)

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